My Revamped dressing space

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Ok, so, this closet revamp has been a project with many little projects added into one big project! I've been having this itch for months to minimize my wardrobe, and create a modified capsule for myself. In the end I was unsuccessful in creating anything resembling a capsule collection for myself. I've come to the conclusion that true minimalists are the only ones who can really achieve that. I like too many trends to even come close. One day I'm boho, the next I'm clean and traditional, and then the next I'm androgynous 90's.  I was however, able to part with all my "extra baggage" if you will. I literally went through every single article of clothing, shoes, and accessories I own and purged. I managed to only hold on to things I'm actually wearing often and managed to fit all my belongings in my one space. No more switching and storing clothes for the season! With all this purging and organizing I really needed a space I could store EVERYTHING in one spot. I needed to change my "office/dressing room" into a fully functional closet/dressing room. I looked at the container store options and really the only DIY option they had was the ELFA. I really didn't like the industrial look of that one. If this had been going in an actual closet and not a room with windows maybe it would have worked because it is really customizable and adjustable. But since my new "closet" is really a spare room off my master with so many windows and it doesn't feel closet like, I wanted something more finished looking. Container store does have a closet service they offer where they come to your house and measure and assess your needs and then basically order a custom configuration, but I wasn't prepared to spend that type of cash. So I went with IKEA PAX! And I am SO SO happy I did! I think people either love or hate Ikea. I think I definitely err on the love side. I've never been afraid of Ikea furniture. I actually enjoy building it. I also know there are some things you buy and just know it will only last a year and other things you buy and will last many years.  I think you really have to know how to shop that store to really get a painless experience. But I'm really standing behind this closet system! If you want an affordable custom look, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF IKEA. I'm going to break down my Pros and Cons and also some tips if you want to venture down this path for a "custom closet"

The Pros:

  • Ikea has a built in platform on their website that allows you to configure your own closet in a 3D format. It's very cool and very easy to use. You can print your shopping list directly from the site and go in and order everything you need seamlessly!
  • The PAX system is very customizable, the possibilities are virtually endless!
  •  It comes in two different heights so if your space has a lower ceiling like mine did, you have an option that will work for you.
  • The quality is really really good! I wont say great because it's obviously made from MDF but, most stuff is these days. You'd be hard pressed to find a real wood custom closet that wont cost you a small fortune.
  • The soft close drawers are a dream!
  • They have so may accessories and add ons that work with the system that truly makes you feel like you're getting a custom closet, like a pant rack, shoe shelves that pull out, jewelry trays, lights, etc etc
  • It's really easy to put together! I mean really easy. It's just time consuming. I did this on my own and I ran into ZERO issues. But it did take 6 hrs.
  • You can easily DIY this to look like a built in with moldings and doors. There are so many tutorials on Pinterest!


  • While it's fully customizable the base box only comes in two widths. So it may or may not fully cover your entire wall
  • It's completely DIY so if you hate to build stuff you're going to have to pay someone to do it for you
  • To use the online app they have in their site you need to be a teeny bit tech savvy
  • The finishing paint can easily be scratched if you have to remove a shelf and put it elsewhere.
  • The website can be a bit finicky saving your plans. Whenever I logged into my account and I went to the "MY PLANS" section nothing was there. I had to search for PAX, and click any item, then click the "customize this item" button on the right in blue, and then when the app opened up I was able to open my saved plans. This was annoying, but just a minor annoyance.      

PRICE: For my configuration I paid $814.04. I also bought two smaller KALLAX in the high gloss white for $49.99 each and a long one for $69.99. So in total my new closet cost me $984.01.


  • MEASURE!! Then measure again and then once more. You need about 4" clearing from the height to ceiling for it not to scrape the ceiling when going up. Hence why I had to go with the shorter version. It worked out for me since I planned on storing my bags on top anyway
  • USE THE ONLINE APP!! This gave me a visual so I knew I would like my final closet!
  • Print out the visual reference of your customization from the online site before you build. They don't include this in your delivery, but I found it was necessary so I knew where all the pieces went. I printed it all at the store because I don't have a printer. They have computers you can print yourself from!
  • Read the assembly instructions BEFORE you even pull out anything from the box. I actually read the instructions online before it was even delivered so I was 100% sure I could handle this project
  • When adding drawers under a hanging bar don't forget to add a solid flat shelf to your configuration so it's not empty space over a drawer with stuff in it. Looks way cleaner with the shelf on top.
  • Pay for the "Pick and ship". This means you hand over the print out of your shopping list from the configuration app to the person in the closet section, and they give you a ticket to pay with and then you leave the store and wait for the delivery day you chose, while they pick everything you need from the warehouse and put it on a delivery truck. This ensures you don't forget anything! And its only around $150
  • Spring for lights! They really give you that custom feel and are very easy to install. I went with the "STOTTA" (not included in my final price because I added them later) and put one in each wardrobe box
  • You don't really need to buy doors right away. You can always add them later
  • The pant rack is my jam! Get one!
  • DON'T USE A POWER DRILL. I've made this mistake on many pieces of DIY furniture and when the screws go in too fast you risk damaging it. I didn't make that mistake this time and it all worked out perfect. Took a while but I'm happy I did it this way.

I hope all this was a bit helpful for anyone on the fence about an IKEA PAX closet system. I LOVE mine! If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment. And follow on IG @Suite35.

xo M